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The Good Start Truck and -32 Degrees Snow Cone Booth

Summer of 2018, FFCU’s Jobs Work Program officially incorporated our “Good Start Truck” and “-32 Degrees” snow cone booth into the curriculum. Under supervision of our Program Coordinator and Cook, youth ages 15-24 undergo our 13-week program where they are given mockup interviews and hands-on skills and experience to work and prepare for their future. Our program currently resides at Murray High School, VOA, the Milestone Program, and Horizonte Instruction & Training Center. Once an individual is hired, they are given training on how to shop for food, prep, cook, sell products, and much more.

Curious about our food? Check out our menus below:

Good Start Breakfast Menu

Good Start Tacos Menu

We also offer customized catering options, please email info@ffcutah.org for more info or fill out our form here.

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