Nurturing Fathers Program (NFP)

The Nurturing Fathers Program Impact:

  • Increase collection by Office of Child Support Enforcement, reduce TANF & state expenditures.
  • By assisting fathers become economically self-sufficient, the Nurturing Fathers Program will assist them to become a positive force in the economy such as paying rent, providing household needs, and paying taxes.

Results: Fathers increase commitment to financially supporting their children:

  • The NFP will achieve what they do by representing a powerful coalition of comitment stakeholders who understand the family, healthy relationships, and community through provisions of supportive services & case management that prepares fathers to take increasing responsibility for self and children.
  • Fathers who are in arrears with their child support or court litigation have their criminal prosecution deferred while they participate in the Nurturing Fathers Program.
  • The concept would start with a needs assessment or clinical evaluation, and the development of an action plan by the father and a case manager to help become a more responsible father.
  • Community Coalition partners provide priority services to the dad while he participates in the NFP courses that use a tested curriculum.
  • Classes empower him with knowledge and skills to become the father his child needs.
  • When the Father completes the action plan, the prosecution is recued or dismissed.

Strategic Step Plan:

  • Recruit core group local stakeholders, including key court and child support enforcement personal, to visit an existing Nurturing Fathers Program. The national NFP organization can help with social media.
  • Conduct focus groups in our community (mothers receiving TANF and noncustodial dads) to understand their needs and circumstances.
  • Assemble the right people, organizations, infrastructure, and resources to get started.

The Nurturing Fathers Program (NFP) is currently being offered at Juvenile Justice Services. If you are interested in our program at your location or would like to attend a class, please contact or (801) 631-1278.

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